BREAD & Beyond - An Award Winning Bakery Brand.
We put in our relentless effort to provide world-class products to our valued customers. Due to an increase in the raw material costs, dollar rate fluctuation, and issues in the global supply chain, we have no option but to adjust our price in a marginally upward direction. As you may have noticed in the past, we also adjusted our price downward whenever there was an opportunity to do so. We are committed to serving our customers and patrons the best value for their money. Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

The Story of Our Success

BREAD & Beyond bakery was established in 2012 and is always always cautious about its food quality and hygiene to make you feel better than OKAY. As a continuous effort in order to ensure our customers of the best service with fresh and delicious pieces of bread, cookies, pastries, and its other variants, our team is always extra careful from sourcing of raw material to delivery of the final product.

By its unique approach, creativity and innovation, BREAD & Beyond has already evolved as a “talked about” bakery brand over the last six years. In 2015, we succeeded in getting the Best Bakery Award of the year from Daily Star Foodiez Choice Award. In 2016, we yet again succeeded in getting the Coca-Cola Foodiez Choice Award.

In 2018, our sponsor Director received the MIDAS Entrepreneurship Award as a recognition of our commitment and business ethics.

We have an excellent team of professionals in every department. Continuous technical assistance from Dutch consultants had been great help in reaching the height where we are today.

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What makes us unique?

Use of natural ingredients
Our products are made with natural ingredients assuring you of no contamination. We use the latest technology to make our products so that we can give you the exact taste of your preference. We are known for our excellent quality which makes our customers come back with more orders.

Your health is important to us. That's why we have adopted “zero tolerance” policy for maintaining hygiene at the highest level - starting from raw material storage down to packaging and transporting the products to our outlets across the city. This policy has kept us ahead of the competition.

A piece of fine Craftsmanship
Bread & Beyond has already created its mark as premium bakery among the food lovers including the international community living in Dhaka. We are known for our craftsmanship in giving our final touch on our products. The use of natural and premium quality ingredients and “say NO to preservatives and synthetic ingredients” made this house unique.

What our customer Think about us



Daily Star Foodiez Choice Award


Coca-Cola Foodiez Choice Award


MIDAS Entrepreneurship Award