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You deserve to feel better than "okay. Established in 2012, Bread & Beyond always very careful about its food quality and hygiene to make your feel better than OKAY. As a continuous process to ensure Bread & Beyond’s commitment to serve the freshet, the more delicious and off course the most hygiene breads, pastries and its other variety, our team always very much careful from sources to deliver its assorted productions.

In the continual process of creativity and innovation, BREAD&Beyond evolution and growth as a famous bakery brand over the last 4 years has been encapsulated through four distinctive Generations.

Food is so much more than just calories, fat, crabs, and protein. Because food is the building blocks of your body, your muscles, your skin, your cells. So the mission of Bread & Beyond is to build the blocks and keep the blocks in safe as well as continually exceed our customers’ expectations with Premium Quality Products and Service. Our sincere promise is that we will continually work to exceed your expectations and we very much welcome this challenge.

Bread And Beyond Masterchefs

bread and beyond Masterchefs

The BREAD&Byond blueprint of constant innovation and reinvention

B & B always take care of every bite by producing the healthiest, safest and most delicious baked assortments. We ensure stringent quality check measure thought out the supply chain.

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Use of natural ingredients…

B & B’s foremost priority is to incorporate natural ingredient baking artist as well as use of modern technology. We also very much committed to provide excellent food service.

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Sourcing globally to handpick and select premium natural ingredients such as Japanese-milled flour and pure butter from New Zealand. The ingredients are especially prepared from its raw state to create pastes or fillings within our Central Kitchen, ensuring greater quality control of the finished items.

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A Piece of fine Craftsmanship

B & B has already created its mark as premium bakery among the food lovers including int. Community living in Dhaka. The use of natural soothing color combined with the natural and premium quality ingredients made this house unique. The golden baked breads and welcoming atmosphere in its outlets introduces with a new identity.