About Us

A New Experience In The City

Food is so much more than just calories, fat, carbs, and protein. It is the building blocks of your body, your muscles, your skin, your cells. So the mission of Bread & Beyond is to build the blocks and keep the blocks in safe. Our goal is to keep on exceeding our customers’ expectations with the quality of our products and services. This is a big challenge and we welcomed this challenge. In our supply chain, we ensure stringent quality check measures to make sure that our products are of good quality and are distributed in the right channels to the satisfaction of our clientele.


The Story of Our Success 

BREAD & Beyond bakery was established in 2012. BREAD & Beyond is always cautious about its food quality and hygiene to make you feel better than OKAY. As a continuous effort in order to ensure our customers of the best service with fresh and delicious pieces of bread, cookies, pastries, and its other variants, our team is always extra careful from sourcing of raw material to delivery of the final product. 

By its unique approach, creativity and innovation, BREAD & Beyond has already evolved as a “talked about” bakery brand over the last six years. In 2015, we succeeded in getting the Best Bakery Award of the year from Daily Star Foodiez Choice Award. In 2016, we yet again succeeded in getting the Coca-Cola Foodiez Choice Award.

In 2018, our sponsor Director received the MIDAS Entrepreneurship Award as a recognition of our commitment and business ethics.

We have an excellent team of professionals in every department. Continuous technical assistance from Dutch consultants had been great help in reaching the height where we are today.