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Dear valued customers, due to some operational inconveniences, our delivery is limited only to a few locations for the time being. However, the outlet pick-up option is available. We expect to resolve this issue soon. Thank you.

Best Selling Customized Cake

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Quick Bites

Chicken Sandwich Double 85gm Chicken Sandwich Double 85gm

Same Day Delivery

Chicken Puff Patties 80gm Chicken Puff Patties 80gm

Same Day Delivery

Ring Puff 100gm Ring Puff 100gm

Same Day Delivery

Tart & Muffin

Chocolate Tart 75gm Chocolate Tart 75gm

Same Day Delivery

Chocolate Lava 50gm Chocolate Lava 50gm

Next Day Delivery


Chocolate Brownie 50gm

Same Day Delivery

Danish Pastry 80gm

Same Day Delivery